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What Is CoronaVirus? Coronavirus Symptoms, Disease, Vaccine News | CoronaVirus Treatment

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What is CoronaVirus?

The coronavirus is like other virus which might be dangerous and might not be dangerous. Coronavirus Symptoms may infects your sinuses, nose, cough, sore throat and upper throat. It was first looked in 1960’s in Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and 858 people have died till this time due to this virus. Recently, In China many cases were seen of coronavirus and there were 300 confirmed cases of wuhan coronavirus.

Coronavirus can infect both humans and animals. There are total 7 types of coronavirus which can infect human.

In January 2020 The World Health Organization has found a new novel on coronavirus in China names “2019-nCOV”. This virus is spreading very fast in China.

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How Coronavirus Looks Like?

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How Coronavirus Comes in United States?

Well, in history the first case of coronavirus in US was found in April 2014. The first case was reported for MERS in Indiana and second was reported in Florida. Although airport screenings, one traveler had brought the coronavirus to United States.

Yesterday the US has confirmed its second case of coronavirus.


What Are Coronavirus Symptoms?

  • Runny nose, cough, upper throat, sore throat, and fever.
  • common cold
  • pneumonia
  • heart disease
  • weakened immune systems

The coronavirus can easily spread through direct touch of any infected person. You won’t be able to judge whether your cold is due to coronavirus or some other viruses like rhino virus.


CoronaVirus Disease:

It is a group of virus which can infect humans also. Coronavirus can infect your upper respiratory from the common cold. The virus is spreading via sick person sneezing and coughing on someone said by Dr. Kathy Lofy of Washington. Once it spreads to lower respiratory means in lungs and windpipe it can cause pneumonia.


Coronavirus Treatment, How To Protect Your Self?

Is There Any CoronaVirus Vaccine?

Well, till this time there is no any vaccine researched by any scientist for coronavirus. But don’t worry you can protect your self by taking the same steps to avoid any cold. Just remember that your cold might be due to coronavirus, so don’t take it easy. Just follow the lab test first and take medicines to cure cold.


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